The Liberum Dory Naming Convention

We have built three Mare Liberum Dories so far (ML#1-3), after one prototype build (ML#-1) and two scale models (ML#1/16 and ML#1/64). We have news of another dory currently being built in the Gowanus area, which will be ML#4, or ML4 for short. ML#5 (ML5) will be built in the Williamsburg area sometime this Fall. We will be modifying ML#1 or ML#2 into a semi-dory design at which point they will be referred to respectively as either ‘ML#.75’ or ‘ML#1.75″ depending on which boat is converted.

The only Liberum Dory with a proper name at the moment is ML#3, called Josephine, though she has been known previously as both ‘Cry Baby’ and, for a time, as ‘Biggie Smalls.’

When you build your Dory, you’re free to name it as you like, of course. Call it ‘Canoezie’ if you want – whatever. But do let us know so we can add it to the master roll list, and we’ll give you its ML# and maybe a badge made out of gold-foil wrapped chocolate.