Glossary of Useful Terms

Bow: The front of the boat.
Stern: The rear of the boat Starboard: The right side of the boat.
Port: The left side of the boat.
Ahead: In front of the boat.
Abaft: Behind the boat. Abeam: To either side of the boat.
Capsize: To flip the boat.
Bilge: The inside bottom of the boat, generally covered up and containing a small amount of water.
Bail: To get water out of the boat.
Fathom: Six Feet.
Heading: the direction the boat is going.
Knot: speed equal to 1.15 miles per hour.
Dory: A small, shallow-draft boat, used for commercial fishing, river and shore navigation, especially in heavy sea or white water river conditions. Also spelled ‘Doree’ or ‘Dorie’ in historical usage. The Liberum Dory is an update on a New England Banks Dory, with an eye to facilitating construction by the casual boat builder with commonly available materials.
Gunwale: The rail around the edge of the boat. Pronounced (and sometimes spelled) “Gunnel.” Attach oarlocks to them.
Planks: The sides, one or many.
Stern Knee: Braces the transom to the bottom board.
Transom: Very rear face of the boat. Mount a motor or rudder.
Transom frames: Boards added to the transom to fasten the planks to. On the Liberum Dory use pallet wood or other solid wood. Probably not ply as it lacks necessary strength.
Bottom Board: Bottom of the Liberum Dory, only applicable to flat bottomed boats.
Frame: Sectional bracing of the boat. Use any solid-wood (pallet wood will do in a pinch – also called a ‘section’)
Station: The Location of the frames. In many cases stations will help you build the boat but not be permanently installed.
Stem: Structural timber at the bow of the boat, planks and bottom board fasten to this.
Chine BLOCKS: Where the Planks and bottom board meet along the length of the boat.
Oarlocks: Pivot point for oars.
Oars: Rowing utensils.
Pine Tar: Often called ‘Stockholm Tar,’ a sticky material derived from carbonized pine sap. Used for preserving wooden boats by coating the interior sole of the boat with the mixture of pine tar, gum turpentine and boiled linseed oil.
Thole-pins: Two generally wooden pins that behave as oarlocks.
Thwart: Seats crossing through the center of the boat.