We’re stoked to be included in the exhibition “About, With & For” curated by Juliana Driever at the Boston Center for the Arts / Mills Gallery this fall.  As part of our project for the exhibition, we’ll be bringing Le Massicot out of storage along with our two paper canoes and traveling the length of the Charles River, roughly 80 miles by water (or just 30 as the crow flies) from its headwaters in Echo Lake down to Boston Harbor.


The Mills is also hosting us for another paper boatbuilding workshop on November 16 – see their website for more info and to sign up.

From the press release:

The artists in this exhibition – many of whom work collaboratively – articulate various aspects of Folklife as a cultural precedent. Folklife encompasses all facets of self-organized creativity, including boatbuilding, collective mending, parading, storytelling, foodways and interactions with the built and natural environment. The millenium-old rituals of street spectacle are re-imagined, an abandoned library-turned-art incubator fosters a multi-part installation, historic watercraft built from salvaged materials are rendered seaworthy, and folks who fix things do just that in About, With & For. Exceeding the specific concepts of the art world discourse, this exhibition revels in the expanded possibilities of cultural influence in contemporary life.

Paper Canoes at Populatic Pond:

Canoes at the pond

Paper Canoes Pausing Before the Rapids:
Canoes at the pond


Installation view of our boats at BCA/Mills Gallery in 2013, following a rough run down the Charles River.  By photographer Melissa Blackall:

Our boatbuild demo/workshop in November 2013, courtesy of Kendra Sullivan:



Designed by Greg Mihalko of Partner & Partners