Floating Academy at the Walker–

Gabriel in front, open field, anywhere/anyplace academy in background.Sam, Gabriel (Red76), Sara Shaylie (Walker)

Our friends Red76 hosted us this Summer as part of their Open Field residency at the Walker Art Center. A couple of pix, and a video by Juana Berrio, below. Thanks Sarah Peters, Juana Berrio, Sara Shaylie, Chloe Nelson of the Walker, and Sam and Gabriel of Red76!

The Floating Academy was launched in Minneapolis’ Lake of the Isles. Video of the first class discussion, a wrap-up of Red76′s investigations into the Commons, Pop-Up Book Academy #20, is here (or watch below).

PBA #20; Floating Academy pt1 from Sam Gould on Vimeo.

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Tugboat Graveyard with Marie Lorenz

Well we finally got to make a ML + ML field day happen this Summer, following Stephan and Ben’s meeting with Marie and Neutrino Connie Hockaday earlier in the year — this one thanks to Jean and the good folks at Flux Factory and of course the artist Marie Lorenz herself. Thanks to them all, and to Porter, A’yen, and Kendra. More pix from Stephan Von on FB (from the link above) and the um, (WTF?!) Wall Street Journal which I won’t link to, but you can no doubt find yourselves (and which for some reason is weirdly not at all how I remembered the trip…) Correction: here is the WSJ photo blogger’s post.

Stephan: The first half went on the water in the morning while the rest climbed the big tank (as seen in the  slideshow), and the second half came back in the afternoon when the tide came back in. There was plenty of excitement and it was one of the hardest days of work I have had in a while, but totally worth it.

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