Back from the Neuberger

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Pirate Scenes

ML3 was invited up to our friend’s movie shoot at the cove between DiSuvero’s complexes in Long Island City.  We got out there early for a Sunday morning and started dressing Josephine up as a pirate barque.  The film crew made her this great faux mast and bedsheet sail.  I got massacred and covered in fake blood.  The boat was taken by pirates but not set on fire.  These awesome kids from the Long Island City Boathouse free kayak program showed up and politely heckled us.  Some cops came by to check us out.  The kids from the boathouse sent them on their way.  We raced them out to the East River on kayaks.  After the shoot, five of us loaded up in Josephine and headed out for a 15 minute paddle down to Socrates’, when all of a sudden we got taken by a quick current and swept out into the East River proper. I rowed against the current for a couple of minutes and was making maybe 1 knot against it, but we all decided it’d be more fun to drift downstream.  Next thing, we were under the Roosevelt Island Bridge, then the 59th Street, then passing the jumbo fuel barges at the ConEd station, then passing the Water’s Edge yachts, then saluting friends just arriving to clean up the Switchback Sea rafts after a night of amateur dramatics, then sliding by the matte black yacht again, and finally, after an unexpected hour afloat, we made our way to the old Pepsi Cola sign landing spot of the previous night’s journey and hauled her out.  Some Parks Dept. cop was really worried about us.  “Don’t canoe anymore, alright?”  He didn’t mind that we stepped all over his baby plants, even.  “It’s not a canoe,” I said.

When I got home, my next door neighbor came out to say how much she really loves the boat.

“What kind of boat is that?”

“It’s a dory.”

“No, it’s a like a canoe, you should call it a ‘Canoe-zie.’  Canoezie.  Canoezie canoezie canoezie. Ok?”

I said: “Why are you calling it a canoezie?”

“Cause that’s what it is don’t you even know what kind of boat it is??”

“Well… I mean, I built it, you know?”

“Well if anybody asks, tell ‘em it’s a Canoooe-zie.”



She then kind of fought with me about it, got sort of aggressive and had on this scary full-moon face, and in the end I think I probably said, “Ok, I’ll tell ‘em, yeah, canoe-zie, sure.” But then she said I have to write ‘Canoezie’ on it, “in real small letters…” and well, I don’t know… what?

More photos:

I think we may have to turn our garden into a boat-yard this winter.  Canoezies and all.

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‘Party Speed’

Our Dory ‘Josephine,’ a.k.a. ‘ML3′ got to be in a play at Deitch Studios in Long Island City, part of friend Swoon’s amazing beautiful Switchback Sea raft installation tied up to the neighboring docks. The dory had a bit part as a ferry service between two rafts. After the play, we floated the dory back down the East River to Hunter’s Point for the haul out. The moon was mostly full.

Dylan: “I tried to document the trip as best I could with my camera phone from 2005. At one point, I heard what I mistook for a ringtone getting louder behind me. When I finally looked back, it was a party yacht, motoring about as fast as I was rowing (party speed?) but headed in slow motion right for me all the same. I had a tiny bike light on board so used it to signal. The party ship hovered about 20 feet off the bow and people onboard started shouting ‘Help!!’ which I was in any case powerless to do. I think they were making fun of me? It was vaguely reminiscent of riding a bike in Manhattan when some stretch SUV with flat screens popping out of the windows pulls up along side you and somebody shouts ‘Hey can I get a ride?’ Aside from that the row was limitlessly beautiful as was the night.”

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Fishkill Creek outside of Beacon, NY & Mysterious Island

This August, we were invited up to Beacon to participate in a flux factory sponsored boat-themed bus ride, ‘Going Places, Doing Stuff,’ led by special guest tour guide Jeff Stark. Thanks to Jeff and all those who swam and dived and rowed around the Fishkill with us. Photos from Stephan:

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First test of ‘Josephine’ / Mare Liberum 3 at Jamaica Bay

Unfortunately it was too dark once we got down there to get any good pictures, so here’s 500 words:

Josephine rowed well in smooth water beneath the rattling jets of JFK and a huge orange moon. She sits about 3 inches in the water with just one person aboard. For better control, add more people. Loaded up with five she handled beautifully, and she’s fast. We might have to add ballast eventually, but I like the idea that every step of this project has required the involvement of more than just the three of us. Here she is on top of our ’89 Volvo, headed to the Floyd Bennett Field car-top boat launch:

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