Mini Sailboat in Parisian Pond

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Post-build images from the Neuberger

Thanks to photographer David LaSpina for providing these images. Here is the result of our workshop build day at the Neuberger in April:

From David LaSpina Pix from Neuberger

photo: David La Spina (

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Brest 2008 Fête de Mer + assorted found boats

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Article in the Brooklyn Rail

James Trimarco wrote about Mare Liberum in the July Brooklyn Rail:

“That kind of radical maritime freedom isn’t something New Yorkers get to experience very often. Heavy industry has made most of the waterfront inaccessible for over a century, and while the city is taking down some of its rusty old docks and warehouses today, that won’t necessarily transform the waterfront into a creative public space. Much of it will likely be privatized and become inaccessible again. Other areas will be made into the sort of pleasant but tightly policed parks favored by the Bloomberg Administration. If the new East River State Park at North Eighth Street in Williamsburg is any indication, the new open space along the waterfront will come with guards, gates, and limited hours, which hardly encourage the sort of active maritime experimentation that interests the Mare Liberum collective.”

~ More Than A Pretty View, July 2008 Brooklyn Rail. Author, James Trimarco.

Download a .pdf of the article.

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